The restarting from zero outlook.

A high-risk outlook on pretty much everything.

Imagine suddenly losing everything and having to restart from zero. Maybe it's a house fire. Or your business just failed. You were let go at the office. A lawsuit. You declared bankruptcy. Got kicked out of school. It doesn't really matter why or how; you are simply tasked to start again. Where do you begin?

There is a collective . . .

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February 25, 2014

Personal branding sucks.

Guess I'll write here though. Whatever.

Not even sure why I bother. All the options for branding yourself online are terrible. You see, I'm caught up in the lie that controlling search results for your name is important. Which is funny, since I intend to never be on the job seeking side of the market again; you know, caring what the recruiters find online.

Personal domains suck. . . .

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February 20, 2014